Finansa Fund Management Limited (FFM) is a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands and a wholly owned subsidiary of Finansa Plc. in the past, FFM managed Finansa sponsored Private Equity funds. These funds are listed below. Since 2014, FFM has focused on investing its own capital in private equity opportunities in Thailand.


FFM seeks to leverage its strong local business network to source investment opportunities and a long experience of private equity investing to evaluate and structure transactions in a way to minimize risk and enhance overall returns. Key elements in the investment assessment are identifying ways to add value to the targeted company, aligning interest with existing stakeholders and agreeing exit scenarios with the major shareholder(s).

NEO Corporate Co., Ltd.

A leading manufacturer and distributor of its own-branded range of household products and personal care products. Brands include Fineline, D-nee, BeNice, Smart and Tomi.
The company achieved sales in 2015 of c.Bt5 bn.
The company is expected to list on the SET in early 2022.
FFM’s investment was to support business expansion and construction of a new factory.
Link to NEO Corporate Co., Ltd. website

FB Foodservice (2017) Co., Ltd.

FB is an established distribution company supplying the catering industry, primarily in Bangkok. The company also has a small food processing capability.
FB has teamed up with Sojitz, the large Japanese trading company, to expand outside of Bangkok and to establish a central kitchen in Bangkok, to provide higher added value services, primarily to restaurants in the form of partially processed meat and vegetables.
The Japanese food manufacturing distribution company, NittoBest, is providing technical assistance. The investment in this case is through Finansa Capital Limited.
Finansa is taking a minority stake.
Link to FB Foodservice (2017) Co., Ltd. website.


The Vietnam Frontier Fund Ltd., a US$50 million closed-end fund listed on the Dublin Stock Exchange. (1994 -2004)

Siam Investment Fund Ltd., a US$ 25 million closed-end fund listed on the London Stock Exchange. (1996-2006)

Siam Investment Fund II, L.P., a US$57 million Limited Partnership. (1999-2009)

Siam Investment Fund III, L.P., a US$25 million Limited Partnership (2005-2009)

Vietnam Equity Fund Ltd, a Euros 15.2 million unlisted fund (2004-2009)

The Finansa Vietnam Fund, an open-ended fund. (2008-2013)

The CMBI Finansa China Vietnam Fund, an open ended fund managed jointly with China Merchants Bank International Ltd. (2011-2014)

The New-S Finansa Trust Vietnam Balanced Fund, an open-ended trust (2008 – 2013)

The Asian Debt Fund, an open-ended fund buying distressed debt in Asia. (2003 – 2007)