FNS Holdings Plc. is a Thai investment holding company, founded in 1991. We provide Solution Capital, a combination of capital and management resources that enable companies to achieve specific goals and become stronger, bigger and more valuable in the process.  We have particular skills in equity and debt financing, deal structuring and execution, strategic and financial planning, and business development and monitoring.

FNS Holdings Plc listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2002. The company was previously called Finansa Plc. The name was changed to FNS Holdings Plc in 2022 following the disposal of the company’s stakes in Finansia Syrus Securities Plc and investment banking subsidiary Finansa Securities Ltd.



Finansa Plc. issues debentures on a regular basis. Finansa Plc. is currently rated “BBB-(tha) with a stable outlook” by Fitch. > read more here

Debenture Symbol Tenor Coupon
(per annum)
Issue date Maturity date Issue size
DEBENTURES OF FINANSA PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED NO.1/2564 DUE B.E. 2568 FNS25OA 4 Yrs. 2 Mths. 29 Days 5.00% 2-Aug-21 31-Oct-25 366,800,000